These are DC motors of energy saving type which are developed and manufactured by Densho`s extensive experience  

and unique technologies. These DC motors are reputed for high perflomance, stability, and efficiency are able to readily meet any kind of needs which are being increasingly complicated and diver-sified. In addition to standard products such as a wound-stator type of which field system is wound with electric wire, a magnet type using a permanent magnet. Denhsho manufactures various types of DC motor in series such as a flange type, a totally-enclosed 

type, etc. By the adoption of B type insulation material, they are compact and light weight and cover a wide range between 10W and 750W. In addition to DC motors with standard voltages of 12V, 24V,100V, and 200V, Dnsho is able to manufacture those of other voltages and a type equipped with a controller which is capable of controlling its speed.

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