●DC generator

DC generators of various voltage are also avail-able  in  the  same  outputs  with  the  AC generators.



出力容量1kVA、2kVA、3kVA、4kVA、6kVA、の5種類を 揃えてあります。


Since this type of converter is composed of a three-phase drive motor, an induction generator and a shaft connecting those two units, it is also called as a three-ohase asyn-chronous high frequency converter in view of its composition. The converter is a device which converts a standard voltage of 3-phase 200V of  50Hz or 60Hz into a safe voltage oa 48V. In adai-tion, it is capable of not only  

converting the stan-dard voltage into other voltages, but also set-ting 3-phase or single phase freely. Further-more, it is capable of converting into a alternat-ing current of 200Hz or 240Hz in frequency, therefore all the functions of the converte can be fully utilized. 5 types of converter of 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 4kVA, and 6kVA in output capacity are available. These comverters are of drip-prool and self ventilation type and they are reputed for their compact size, light weight and long life which are realized by the adoption of  B type in-sulation material. Since any of there converters is equipped with a special protective circuit of Densho`s uniquedesign, it is free from acci-dents such as burning even if it is operated under severe conditions.

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